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The job fair package includes a 8'x10' pipe-and-drape booth, a skirted table, two chairs, company sign, electrical outlet, Wi-Fi Internet connection, buffet lunch and refreshments for two. Early bird pricing through March 31.


The first two attendees are free. Each additional lunch attendee is $20.

If you have 1 or 2 lunch attendees this amount will be $0. If you have 3 attendees this amount will be $20. If you have 4 attendees this amount will be $40, and 5 attendeees will be $60.

Calculate the amount to pay for lunch attendees.


One table and 2 chairs are included with your registration.

Fees for additional equipment: Prices below are for advanced orders. Any floor orders placed the day before or the day of the Job Fair are based on availability and will have an additional $5 fee.

2x6' Skirted Table - $30 each
2x8' Skirted Table - $32 each
Folding Chair - $2 each
Padded Chair - $5 each
Booth Carpeting without Padding - $40
Booth Carpeting with Padding - $60

Calculate the amount to pay for equipment fees.


Calculate the Total Amount to Pay by adding the booth fee plus the Lunch Subtotal plus the Equipment Subtotal.

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Please note that booth space is limited and applications for will be accepted on a first-pay basis.

LEDA Job Fair Policy: Positions offered must not involved up-front fees or other amounts (application fees or purchasing kits) payable by job seeker. Usual and customary licensing fees or certifications are acceptable. Positions may not require a monetary investment by the job seeker at any time. Multi-level marketing positions, business opportunities including email processors, Project 21 and/or other business opportunities that require an up-front or periodic payment, require recruitment of other members, sub distributors or sub agents are not permitted.