Explore our internationally ranked fiber network, the nationally recognized University of Louisiana at Lafayette, a superior workforce, and a growing tech and entrepreneur ecosystem


About Lafayette, LA

Technology and culture lead the way in one of the country's top places to live and do business.

Lafayette’s formidable assets— an internationally ranked fiber network, the nationally recognized University of Louisiana at Lafayette, a superior workforce, and a growing tech and entrepreneur ecosystem— are what makes our community attractive to businesses.

Lafayette has the bandwidth, both in technology and workforce expertise, to adapt to quickly evolving regional, national, and international demands.

Our employers— from local Mom-and-Pops to our largest tech-intensive businesses— leverage Lafayette’s extensive telecommunications infrastructure to maximize productivity, sales, and employment opportunities. Lafayette has been recognized as a top 10 community where digital media is clustered and a top community that cultivates technology. Both of these accolades can be attributed in part to Lafayette’s technology-focused initiatives led by the University of Louisiana at Lafayette, South Louisiana Community College, LUS Fiber, and LEDA’s Opportunity Machine — which have allowed economic development, government, education, and private investors to attract new tech-intensive businesses and innovations to Lafayette.

Lafayette’s emergent high-tech sector is poised to become an economic powerhouse in the 21st century. Technology companies are quickly adding jobs in Lafayette. These high-paying positions, in an intellectually rigorous field, are being filled by some of the world’s best and brightest— including young Louisianans who may have sought employment elsewhere if not for the opportunity in Lafayette.

Lafayette, LA has a business-friendly environment, where leaders work together to ensure the success and prosperity of our community and our business base. There are several resources available in Louisiana that can give tech-focused businesses that operate here an advantage.

Business Incentive Programs

Louisiana has established several economic development programs that provide support for businesses investing and expanding their operations and workforces in Louisiana communities.

Digital Interactive Media and Software Program

A 25 percent tax credit for in-state labor, and an 18 percent credit for eligible production expenditures.

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Entertainment Job Creation

A 15 percent or 20 percent tax credit on annual wages to qualified entertainment companies (QEC) that create a minimum of five well-paid net new jobs for Louisiana residents.

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Quality Jobs

Up to a 6 percent rebate on annual payroll expenses for up to 10 years and either a state sales/use tax rebate on capital expenses or a 1.5 percent Investment Tax Credit for qualifying expenses. 

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Research and Development Tax Credit

A tax credit up to 30 percent to existing businesses with operating facilities in Louisiana to establish or continue research and development within the state.

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Municipal Fiber

In 2004, Lafayette Utilities System announced its decision to bring fiber optic network access to every home and business within its service area. With overwhelming community support, this critical investment in Lafayette’s future helped to provide the infrastructure upon which more than a decade of success has been built.

The city-wide fiber-to-the-premise internet system, LUS Fiber, launched in 2009 and operates alongside two incumbent carriers—giving Lafayette businesses and residents three distinct communications options to choose from. This fully fiber system delivers up to 10 Gbps symmetrical bandwidth to customers and has been crucial in facilitating the new work-from-home model. Broadband availability, reliability, and speed should be considered when analyzing potential sites and the area where employees will live.

10 Gbps to Customers

LUS Fiber was the first Internet provider in Louisiana to offer 10 Gbps to residential customers

Complimentary WiFi

LUS Fiber provides complimentary WiFi at Lafayette Regional Airport, Acadiana Mall, and Downtown Lafayette public parks

Cost Savings

LUS Fiber is first in the country for cost savings to customers


Lafayette educators have designed contiguous technology- focused curriculum that extends across various levels of education.

High School

The Academy of Information Technology at Carencro High School and David Thibodeaux STEM Magnet Academy prepares high school students for technology-based careers.


The University of Louisiana at Lafayette and South Louisiana Community College offer studies in concentrations such as Informatics, Video Game Development and Design, Cognitive Science, Computer Engineering, Information Technology, Media Arts, Scientific Computing and Software Application Development.


2,368 graduates from UL Lafayette and SLCC in computing programs
10-year total through 2020-21

Logo for Opportunity Machine

Opportunity Machine, Lafayette’s Center for Entrepreneurs, provides business education, guidance and risk reduction to startup founders and small business owners through training, mentorship, networking, and affordable workspace. 

The OM’s new facility— a 20,000-square-foot Innovation Center in Downtown Lafayette— is currently under renovation with an anticipated opening in 2022.

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A Few Highlights


400 direct new jobs in 2014; 400 additional direct new jobs in 2018; international IT and business process services firm

School Mint

HQ relocation from San Francisco, CA; 178 direct new jobs; education software development company

Westfield Fluid Controls

67 direct new jobs; aerospace manufacturing; relocation from CA