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With an entrepreneurial spirit and Cajun and Creole cultures known around the world, Lafayette Parish is a unique environment for work and living.

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Located midway between Houston and New Orleans, Lafayette, Louisiana serves as an economic center in South Louisiana.

The region's legendary joie de vivre and Cajun and Creole cultures are known around the globe, creating a unique environment for work and play. But Lafayette is also home to a world-class workforce, an integrated transportation network, a diversified business base, preeminent high-tech infrastructure, and a metropolitan appeal.

Lafayette is an energy, medical, transportation, finance, technology, entertainment, education and retail hub. The business base of the parish includes energy services, manufacturing, health care, transportation and distribution, education, technology, finance, tourism and other service-related industries.

The resilience of Lafayette's economy is attributed to our strategic growth, entrepreneurial spirit and skilled workforce that demonstrates a strong work ethic influenced by southern values. With this foundation, Lafayette Parish fosters an economy that supports thriving and diverse industry sectors.

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