The Energy Series

A discussion on the Energy Industry and Energy Transition opportunities for Lafayette and Acadiana Businesses.

Energy Series

Lafayette and Acadiana have a long, rich history in the energy industry since oil was discovered near Jennings in 1901. From the establishment of the Oil Center in the 1950s to the challenges of the 1980s, today's energy industry has evolved and is more advanced than ever. Where are we now? Where is the industry headed? And, how can Lafayette and Acadiana businesses position themselves at the forefront of the next wave of energy innovation?

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Previous Session Presentations

August 31: Energy Industry Overview | Dr. Mark Zappi; Mike Moncla; Harry Vorhoff

September 27: Oil and Gas | Dr. Mark Zappi; Charles Goodson; Mike Moncla

October 27: Solar | Dr. Terry Chambers; Georges Antoun

November 16: Carbon Capture Utilization & Storage | Dr. Mark Zappi; Joe Colletti; Mark Miller

January 31: Wind | Dr. Mark Zappi; Anthony Bodin

April 18: Hydrogen | Dr. Mark Zappi; Dr. Terry Chambers; Lacy McManus

August 29: Biomass | Dr. Mark Zappi; Phil Keating; Bryan Hanks

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Coming in 2023  | Geothermal, Circular Economy, Energy Industry Economic Update, Offshore Wind