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2020 LEDA Job Fair Employer Registration


The Job Fair package includes an 8 ft x 10ft pipe-and-drape booth, a skirted table, two chairs, company sign, electrical outlet, Wi-Fi internet connection, and buffet lunch and beverages for two.
Company Name as it is to appear on all Job Fair materials:
Contact Name:
Email Address:
Mailing Address:
City, State Zip:
Types of Positions Available (Check all that apply):
Job Titles:
Health Benefits?:
Base Salary?:

A. Booth Fee - $200 (through March 31)
The job fair package includes a 8 ft x10 ft pipe-and-drape booth, a skirted table, two chairs, company sign, electrical outlet, Wi-Fi Internet connection, buffet lunch and refreshments for two.*

A. Booth Fee Subtotal ($): 200

B. Lunch
*Exhibitor personnel to to be issued lunch tickets: (First two provided free unless only one is listed, additional tickets $20 each, paid in advance) List additional names if applicable.

Name (Free):
Name (Free):
Name ($20):
Name ($20):
Name ($20):
B. Lunch Subtotal ($):
C. Additional Equipment - Fees for additional equipment: Prices below are for advanced orders. Any floor orders placed the day before or the day of the Job Fair are based on availability and will have an additional $5 fee.
2x6 skirted table(s) $30 each:
2x8 skirted table(s) $32 each:
Folding chair(s) $2 each:
Padded chair(s) $5 each:
Booth carpeting - no padding $40:
Booth carpeting - padding included $60:
Please contact Ryan at (337) 593-1405 for information on additional equipment/pricing
C. Equipment Subtotal ($):
D. Total Amount Due, Add Subtotals A, B & C ($):
Payment Type:

Payment Information

Please note that booth space is limited and applications for will be accepted on a first-pay basis.

Check payments
Submit registration form above prior to exiting website.
Payable to LEDA - 211 E. Devalcourt Street, Lafayette LA  70506, Attn. Ryan LaGrange


Credit card payments
Submit registration form above prior to clicking "Pay Now" button.
Click "Pay Now" to submit your payment by credit card.

LEDA Job Fair Policy: Positions offered must not involved up-front fees or other amounts (application fees or purchasing kits) payable by job seeker. Usual and customary licensing fees or certifications are acceptable. Positions may not require a monetary investment by the job seeker at any time. Multi-level marketing positions, business opportunities including email processors, Project 21 and/or other business opportunities that require an up-front or periodic payment, require recruitment of other members, sub distributors or sub agents are not permitted.