Acquisition Technician


Acquisition Technician

@ Tides Medical

Purpose of Position:

  • The acquisition department of Tides Medical focuses on partnering with hospitals, clinicians, and expectant mothers to coordinate the donation of placental tissue during cesareans sections.
  • Under the direction of the LOFT Acquisition Manager, the Acquisition Technicians facilitate local donations.

Essential Functions of the Areas of Responsibility:

  • Perform duties in accordance with AATB, FDA and Tides Medical policies and procedures.
  • Complete all documentation necessary for donation accurately and effectively while demonstrating Good Documentation Practices and appropriate customer service skills. 
  • File all documentation obtained promptly and effectively.
  • Aseptically collect and package donations in a controlled hospital setting. 
  • Perform acquisitions utilizing all necessary training and procedures to avoid compromising the safety of yourself, the tissue donation and/or others within the Operating Room. 
  • Remain up to date with all assigned training pertaining to standard operating procedures, good documentation practices, personal safety, hospital safety, and any procedural updates and changes. 
  • Professionally and amiably communicate with various clinics and hospital personnel. 
  • Handle and label donated tissue properly and safely.
  • Utilize all sterile supplies and PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) effectively.
  • Maintain relationships with off-site partners and participants, including providing updates on process changes, etc. 
  • Present donation program to parties in a manner that maintains Tides Medical’s core values.
  • Offer the option to participants and partners to submit testimonials and photo/video content that can be used to promote the donation program. 
  • Remain up to date and competent with Donor Screening guidelines. 
  • Coordinate the collection of blood samples for eligible participating birth mothers.


  • Work well with others and not create undue office stress or conflicts.
  • Be a practical problem solver and work independently.
  • Be truthful in all aspects of conduct and communications.
  • Be respectful of other employees and not engage in speech or conduct that is discriminatory.
  • Uphold confidentiality of employee records, donor records, and proprietary corporate information



Key Qualifications, Requirements, and Attributes:

  • Preferred experience in at least one of the following areas: 
    • Customer service
    • Regulated settings (hospital, healthcare facility, patient care area, emergency medical services, surgical/procedural environment, nursing/medical field training/education) 
    • In a biological science field
    • Experience handling or manipulating soft tissues, dissection and/or taxidermy
    • Other applicable experience may be considered.   
  • A valid drivers license with an insurable driving record.
  • Ability to communicate at varying levels and conduct activities professionally.
  • Ability to understand basic medical terms pertaining to obstetrics and infectious and communicable diseases. 
  • Ability to perform a basic review on medical records and risk assessment interviews for donation eligibility.
  • Ability to be prompt in all necessary aspects including reporting to designated facilities and replying to any correspondence. 
  • Ability to be open to changes and make yourself available for team members when required. 
  • Ability to assist on special projects and perform additional duties as needed. 
  • Receptive to feedback, suggestions, training, and additional education options.

Physical, Mental, Environmental Demands:

  • Varying hours of sitting, walking, standing, using a computer, etc.
  • Ability to stand for 10 hours consecutively.  
  • Ability to lift, push and carry 50+ pounds in and out of a vehicle and between varied locations.
  • Ability to drive between various locations.
  • Ability to work in varying work environments.
  • Ability to encourage a working, cooperative environment and perform with attention to details.
  • Ability to manage multiple tasks and prioritize a workload. 
  • Ability to produce legible records and communicate professionally by telephone.

How to Apply:

Apply online at

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Location: Lafayette, LA
Date Posted: May 08, 2024
Application Deadline: August 12, 2024
Job Type: Full-time