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Economic Performance Index

The Lafayette Economic Performance Index (EPI) tracks the pulse of the local economy. Like any index, it combines multiple data points into a single score that can be tracked and compared over time. This particular index monitors 16,000 data points and 16 local statistics that together illustrate a unified story about how the Lafayette economy is performing. The index is the most accurate reflection of the economy because it is seasonally and inflation adjusted, meaning movement in the index is based on actual changes, not those caused by changes in periodic variation or time. The EPI is also retroactively adjusted to allow for a more accurate comparison between present and past performance of the economy. This allows for an “apples to apples” comparison of where we are and where we have been.

Current Report:
Archive Reports:

Q4 2018

Q3 2018

Q2 2018

Q1 2018


For more archive reports or questions, email Brittany Deal.