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Business Expansion and Outreach

LEDA understands that a large percentage of a community's economic growth is generated by existing businesses. To foster this growth and maintain a healthy business climate, LEDA developed an outreach/visitation program to build strong relationships through an ongoing and confidential dialogue with business leaders, decision makers, and influencers in Lafayette Parish and Acadiana.

LEDA works closely with businesses to:

  • Gather information about company concerns, economic concerns, and challenges within the business, industry, or community
  • Learn about a company's goals and objectives, products and services, and customers and suppliers
  • Identify common issues or barriers and address concerns
  • Educate businesses about programs and resources to assist with potential growth and expansion

LEDA will meet with businesses from all sectors, of all sizes, whether starting, expanding or relocating a business. We are here to connect your business enterprise with programs or resources for entrepreneurship and small business development; business expansion and job growth; workforce development; market development; innovation training and process improvement.

Our meetings are confidential conversations about the past, present and future plans for your business. The services provided by LEDA are free and confidential. Some services offered by LEDA include expansion resources, permit requirements, site selection, workforce development, training, networking and more.

The objective of the outreach-visitation program is to better understand the business environment to improve the economic well-being and quality of life for our community by acting on the information received from local business leaders. The mission of the program is to foster job growth, maintain a healthy business climate and build a stronger business community for new and existing businesses.

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