Welding Instructor


Welding Instructor


This vacancy is located on the Young Memorial Campus in Morgan City.

The Welding instructor will oversee the operation and maintenance of all shop equipment and keep an accurate inventory of tools, equipment and supplies for the proper instruction of students within his class. Instructors will follow state approved course syllabi for each area of instruction. Areas of instruction include safety, various processes and techniques of welding including oxyfuel cutting, carbon arc cutting, shielded metal arc welding, gas tungsten arc welding, fluxcored arc welding, gas metal arc welding, plasma arc cutting, blueprint reading, weld symbols, and joints.

Instructors are also responsible for maintaining accurate academic records in a computerized learning management system. These records include attendance, grade, and class/course syllabi for each class taught.


• Teaching experience in secondary or post-secondary education is preferred.

• NCCER Craft Instructor Certification

• AWS certified as Certified Welding Educator Program (CWE)

A Bachelor’s degree with at least three (3) years of directly related occupational experience and skill in the field to be taught,


An Associate’s Degree and four (4) years of occupational experience and skill in the field to be taught,


A relevant Certificate and five (5) years of occupational experience and skill in the field to be taught

  • OR

    Seven (7) years’ work experience in the teaching field to be taught

  • AND:

    -Must have relevant current professional certification and or licensure in the field to be taught.

    -Must have appropriate educational qualifications, as determined by the relevant programmatic accreditation agency, to act in the required positional role.

  • Must additionally demonstrate steady progress to attain an Associate’s Degree to be considered for continued employment. Steady progress is defined as successful completion of at least one college course per semester, including the summer, or nine credits per academic year.

How to Apply:

Apply online at https://careers.solacc.edu/postings/2627

Location: Morgan City, LA
Date Posted: March 17, 2021
Application Deadline: April 19, 2021