Senior Quality Assurance Specialist


Senior Quality Assurance Specialist


• Administer, or advise on work concerned with assuring the quality of the acquired, developed, delivered, and maintained products

• Development of plans and programs for achieving and maintaining product quality throughout the item's life cycle

• Monitoring operations to prevent the production of defects and to verify adherence to quality plans and requirements

• Analysis and investigation of adverse quality trends or conditions and initiation of corrective action

• The duties of these positions require analytical ability combined with knowledge and application of assurance principles and techniques, and knowledge of pertinent product characteristics and the associated manufacturing processes and techniques

• Working with development teams on design decisions ensuring 508 compliance


• The ability to work in the US indefinitely is required for this role (permanent residency or US Citizenship).

• Bachelor's degree in information technology, information management, business administration, or a related field

• 5+ years previous Quality Assurance experience (quality inspection, auditing, and testing)

• Experience with compliant 508 testing

• Strong analytical and problem-solving skills

• Excellent written and verbal communications skills

• Meticulous attention to detail

• Excellent client interaction skills in support

• Experience with unit and system testing sessions

• Experience with training

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Location: Lafayette, LA
Date Posted: June 17, 2021
Application Deadline: August 23, 2021