Residential Broadband Technician


Residential Broadband Technician

@ Cox Communications

• Install, disconnect, and troubleshoot for Cox products, including high speed internet, telephony and automation services. You’ll be working with things like alarms, low voltage electricity, and color-coded wires.  

• Share our amazing products with our customers, how to use them, and what upgrades are available.  

 • Just to bring a little paperwork into your world, you’ll document the results of each of your visits, and guide customers through the legal linguistics of waivers, agreements, and release forms.

 • Drive a company vehicle, which includes planning your daily route, ordering necessary equipment, and supplying, stocking and maintaining your vehicle (including but not limited to your favorite passenger seat snack).  

• Take part in training sessions, so you can be up to speed on our latest products, services, and safety guidelines.  And then apply that knowledge to your day-to-day work.

You want the best for your customers, and you’ll ensure the quality of services provided them meets established industry and company performance standards and is compliant with all applicable national, state and local laws and regulations.



High school diploma or GED equivalent preferred; post-high school education a plus

Must be 18 years of age

Have a valid driver’s license and a good driving record

1 year experience in a comparable field (e.g., related hands-on trade role)


5+ years of experience specifically in-service installation and repair in multiple service provider and/or telecommunications environment.

Spanish proficiency desirable in some locations

Physical Job Requirements

– Ability to carry and use tools and equipment

– Requisite ability to drive motor vehicle

– Adequate ability to distinguish different colors of wire

– Ability to frequently bend, stoop and crawl

– Ability to lift and carry 28 ft 63 lb extension ladder

– Occasionally sit and climb ladders/stairs: performs fine motor and pinching movements& pivots with feet and bends, twists and laterally flexes back& reaches at overhead, shoulder, knee, and floor levels, stoops, squats, crouches, kneels and crawls and press foot pedals.

– Frequently stands and walks& pushes/pulls with arms and grasps with hands& reaches at waist

– Ability to climb ladders and/or utility poles and work in high places

– Ability to work in small spaces (such as crawl space and attics)

– Ability to tolerate typical residential and commercial controlled work environments as well as uncontrolled weather-related heat and cold for extended periods of time

– Ability to work outdoors and in extreme weather conditions and varying topographic, wet and dry locations

How to Apply:

Apply online at

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Location: Lafayette, LA
Date Posted: September 08, 2021
Application Deadline: October 08, 2021