Release Train Engineer


Release Train Engineer


The Agile RTE is responsible for:

•Building a high-performing Agile Release Train through servant leadership and coaching with multiple product line teams

•Coordinates with the Product Management Team to define the software release plan and scope.

•Acts as single voice for software releases to assure engineering deliverables are meeting the needs of the business goals

•Supports program execution, escalates impediments, manages risk, and helps drive program-level continuous improvement activities

•Responsible for facilitating program level work across a diverse set of agile development teams.


-Refined and broad understanding of how Agile and SAFe deliver value to the organization.

-Superior communication skills with all levels of employees and both internal and external customers – including presentations, negotiations, and written reports.

-Ability to schedule, communicate, and facilitate PI Planning event.

-Can facilitate PI planning readiness by fostering Continuous Exploration process which drives the combination of Vision, Roadmap, and backlog and through Pre and Post PI planning Meetings.

-Can aggregate Team PI Objectives in Program PI Objectives, visualize and publish roadmap for visibility and transparency.

-Influence and develop solutions that impact strategic project/program goals and business results.

  • Collaborate with Product Management, Product Owners and other stakeholders to help ensure strategy and execution alignment.

-Assist program level decision-making with work estimation and prioritization.

-Facilitate regular program level meetings with Scrum Masters, PM and PO.

-Assist with program execution and tracking completion of features and capabilities.

-Manage the identification, tracking and resolution of program level risks, issues, and dependencies.

-Track and produce key program level metrics report (e.g. cumulative flow diagram).

-Drive program-level continuous improvement via retrospectives, Inspect and Adapt workshops, and constant System demonstration at the program level.

-Foster Communities of Practices (CoP) and use of Engineering and Built-in Quality Process.

How to Apply:

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Location: Lafayette, LA
Date Posted: February 23, 2021
Application Deadline: March 23, 2021