Quality Inspector


Quality Inspector

@ SafeSource Direct

12 hour shifts.

  • Responsible for verification of product quality throughout the manufacturing process.
  • Enforcing an effective QA program that meets all the Safesource and Regulatory requirements.
  • Performing the duties and responsibilities set forth in the company QA Manual and all other higher level authority guidance.
  • Maintaining personal QA training and qualifications to support all aspect of production. ensuring that all QA forms, Test documents, and any other form of Objective Quality Evidence (OQE) requiring initials, signatures or any other verifiable form or acknowledgement of completion are done so in accordance with all applicable manuals, instructions, contracts and other higher level authority requirements.
  • Providing process improvement recommendations and recommended changes to the company Quality Program and procedures.


  • High School Diploma or equivalent (GED) and 4 years of relevant experience
  • Ability to relay and receive information
  • Able to collaborate in a team environment
  • Ability to negotiate and integrate different viewpoints
  • Able to prioritize and adjust tasks to accomplish the project result
  • Able to provide direction to determine priorities to achieve goal
  • Able to prepare and analyze data and figures
  • Ability to compose materials such as detailed reports, work‐related manuals, publications
  • Ability to develop and present material outside the immediate work function
  • Ability to comprehend and analyze complex problems and develop solutions
  • Able to perform work in an approved environment during specified work hours
  • Ability to be subject to a variety of physical conditions
  • Able to wear respirator or other safety gear
  • Ability to be subject to areas which could cause various phobias due to height or closed spaces

How to Apply:

Apply online at https://www.safesourcedirect.com/careers

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Location: Broussard, LA
Date Posted: May 04, 2021
Application Deadline: June 04, 2021