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Quality Assurance Trainer

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  • Our Quality Assurance Trainer The Quality Management Quality Assurance Trainer is responsible for training and development of Quality Assurance Technicians in each area of Manufacturing, including but not limited to, Wax, Initial QA, Traditional Manufacturing, Die Strike/MTO, and Custom Manufacturing (CAM, Stone Setting, HIYW).

Essential Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Understands and maintains standards for Quality Assurance across all manufacturing areas.
  • Provides training and guidance for new associates in QA Technician roles.
  • Maintains skills progression for QA Technicians in each area of Manufacturing.
  • Collaborates with Training Administrator to deliver training and report results.
  • Performs audits and reviews of product approved by each inspection area.
  • Includes QA Technicians in audit process for collaborative learning and training.
  • Photographs reviewed product for further research and reporting.
  • Collects and reports on data found in product audits, identifying trends to extend training of QA Technicians and to recommend additional training for associates in other areas of manufacturing, through other trainers.
  • Collaborates with other trainers for cooperative training efforts.
  • Works side- by- side with QA Technicians to review daily work and recommend improvements.
  • Utilizes Training Workbook to guide training for new and existing QA Technicians.
  • Ensures QA Technicians are able to identify defects and report these to leadership for immediate customer resolution.
  • Participates in Quality Management presentations to deliver results of product audits and to provide ongoing training and workshops.



  • Organized and self- driven to complete projects and goals independently.
  • Understanding of LEAN methodology.
  • Must be able to identify defects, which can be visually seen using the naked eye, a microscope, a loupe or an optivisor.
  • Must be able to read and understand a Studio image sheet while applying information to the piece
  • Must have prior experience and understanding of at least 50% of the following, with willingness and ability to learn the remainder
  • Able to check for appropriate stamping and size of piece
  • Knowledge of the polishing process and identify metal failure
  • Able to verify a job and have knowledge of its routing
  • Knowledge of gemstones/birthstones colors
  • Knowledge of these set types (Prong/Cannel/Bezel/Gypsy/Fishtail/Bright Cut and Pave’)
  • Able to identify loose, broken, and crooked stones
  • Able to identify the difference between a natural and lab grown diamond
  • Knowledge in using a Diamond tester, DiaTrue Scanner and an ID 100
  • Knowledge of Posh and Laser Engraving requirements
  • Able to enamel engravings
  • Knowledge of engraving fonts while checking for correct spelling
  • Able to read and understand a CAD/CAM Manufacturing Sheet
  • Able to navigate through the CAD/CAM Web page and research notes pertaining to piece
  • Able to add weights in Oracle to price CAD/CAM jobs


  • 3-5 years' experience in jewelry manufacturing, quality assurance, inspection, or other related field.
  • Experience in training and/or leadership with strong communication skills.
  • Understanding of standards of QA Inspection in each area of manufacturing.
  • Able to multi- task.
  • Strong knowledge of computer software, including Microsoft Office, and particularly Microsoft Excel.

How to Apply:

Apply online at https://www.stuller.com/careers/

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Location: Lafayette, LA
Date Posted: November 02, 2022
Application Deadline: January 03, 2023
Job Type: Full-time