Quality Assurance Agent (call center)


Quality Assurance Agent (call center)

@ Waitr

Quality Assurance Agents are the people behind the scenes ensuring our customers, drivers, and partners are receiving quality support. When things get hectic here at Waitr, /Bite Squad our Support Agents are the ones directing traffic and keeping customers, restaurants, and drivers from having a wholly negative experience. Quality Assurance Agents work to ensure customers are still receiving the same quality support during busier times and ensuring customer, driver, and partner experience is consistent.  Being a Quality Assurance Agent requires dedication, exceptional communication skills, and a fair/consistent sense of judgement. We’re looking for motivated Quality Assurance Agents with an in-depth knowledge of the Waitr/Bite Squad Support Operations and a desire to improve our overall company performance. 

  • Auditing chats, phones calls, and tickets for one or both OpCos
  • Maintain QA monthly tracker and other QA Google Sheets
  • Communicate effectively with Leadership & Agents
  • Ability to clearly identify and report coaching opportunities



  • Detail oriented multi-tasker, quality support focused
  • History of good communication with Team Leads and other team members
  • Good attention to grammar, spelling, and punctuation 
  • Working knowledge of the OpCo’s current policies and procedures

What will be considered for internal candidates: 

  • Monthly and Year to Date QA scores (85% or above is preferred)
  • Overall Performance Points
  • Overall Attendance Points
  • If you are unaware of your QA scores, please consult with your Team Lead prior to expressing interest.

Core Competencies

  • Nimble: You move fast and accurately in a dynamic environment.
  • Logistical: Proactively seeks and finds ways to provide the highest standards of efficiency.
  • Innovator: Generates and recognizes creative solutions in varying work situations.
  • Team Player: Collaboration and strong communication skills.
  • Effective Communicator: Demonstrates open, honest and respectful written and verbal communication.
  • Results-Oriented: Productively focuses time and resources on activities to produce quality results.
  • Forward-Thinking: Problem solver, do whatever it takes attitude.
  • Strategic Thinker: Views events and possibilities from multiple perspectives. Understands the bigger picture and the interdependencies and effects of other systems.
  • Ethical: Maintains and promotes individual and organization integrity and values in the conduct of all activities. 

How to Apply:

Apply online at https://waitrapp.com/careers

Visit Site to Apply

Location: Lafayette, LA
Date Posted: December 06, 2021
Application Deadline: February 07, 2022