Property Manager


Property Manager

@ MPW Properties

•  Manage all aspects of assigned properties

•  Ensure the efficient operation of all properties

•  Direct Supervisor over Maintenance Department

•  Manage and oversee all Property Management/ Maintenance Issue

•  Maintain annual budgets for each building

•  Coordinate the contractor and vendor relationships

•  Take care of all tenant request and work directly with Maintenance Dept. to solve all issues

•  Inspect Properties as needed and meet with subcontractors, tenants and maintenance to help identify problems and solutions

•  Maintain all tenant information in companies property management software.

•  Manage the moving In and Out of tenants.

•  Coordinate property renovations with Project Manager

•  Work with leasing agent with drafting leases/ lease renewals and new tenant onboarding

•  Meet with Asset Manager to give weekly updates and report on the status of the properties and ongoing issues

•  Attend staff meetings

•  Meet with Maintenance Department as needed to keep up with outstanding work orders and ongoing tenant and building issues and  provide daily priority list of Work Orders.

•  Review building budgets to identify areas that are over budget and how to rectify the issues

•  Assist accounting in the collection and pursuing of late rent payments.

•  Annually drafting of budgets with Maintenance and Asset Manager.

•  Help maintenance with building budgets throughout the year

How to Apply:

    Submit resumes to:

Location: Lafayette, LA
Date Posted: April 05, 2021
Application Deadline: May 05, 2021