Product Support Engineer - Lead


Product Support Engineer - Lead


• Manage, support and mentor operations team members to ensure that client activities are in scope and are completed according to standards, contractual obligations and Service Level Agreements.

• Manage staff to provide appropriate and essential coverage and follow through for all client events and service requests, including personnel scheduling maintain coverage needs at all times.

• Oversight of the clients' day-to-day details including but not limited to batch processing cycles, maintenance windows, change control processes, database refresh planning, performance monitoring, environment and application security.

• Maintain healthy client relationships, understand client’s perspective with issues reported and diligently work on a remediation’s plans.

• Proactively identify issue by leveraging and analyzing the trends using JIRA, OAPM & IAP tools. Understand metrics such as Number of tickets, Issues reported per client etc. to assess the team member’s workload.

• Work with teams on coordination for all Production deployments that impact clients.

• Identify and communicate issues to senior team managers that have the potential for escalation.

• Work with datacenter personnel and across teams as needed to support their efforts on the clients’ behalf.

• Address SLA-bound technical incident reports or requests by the client.

• Monitor the health and stability of the client environments, proactively engaging the necessary stakeholders and remediating issues/incidents that may arise.

• Manage client’s backup processing and verify backups are successfully obtained to meet SLA requirements.

• Address client requests for technical assistance such as file recovery, user ID management, or execution of special processes.

• Review and approve proposed changes and implementations.

• Develop/Improve processes and procedures.

• Support other technical teams by providing screen shots, query executions, or log files necessary to resolve system or application issues.

• For new client implementations, test and fine-tune scripts and cycle automation processes to ensure stable steady-state operations.

• Other duties as assigned.

Candidate must operate under the CGI corporate standard frameworks for client, member, and stakeholder satisfaction. Candidate will also be responsible for all aspects of CGI’s member management, such as performance reviews, coaching and training, or performance improvement actions as required, to ensure that corporate policies are followed.


• Experience with UNIX, MS SQL and scripting (C shell, K shell, bash, etc.); LINUX, ORACLE, SQL Server and programing languages (Perl, Visual Basic, Cobol, R, Python, etc.) will be preferred.

• Knowledge of SFTP/FTP/HTTPS/HTTP and standard network concepts.

• A practical problem solver, strategic thinker and seek advice when needed.

• Understand importance of adhering to contractual Service Level Agreements.

• Strong interpersonal skills working across multiple teams and building trusted client relationships.

• Take pride in your work and able to communicate technical issues, verbally and written, effectively to both technical and non-technical team members and/or clients.

• Strong written and oral communication skills. Ability to provide clear, effective communication regarding technical issues and impact to client business.

• Have great time management and the ability to work on own initiatives with minimal management supervision.

• Able to collaborate effectively with globally dispersed teams.

• Flexibility to work with clients and support teams across time zones.


• Experience overseeing teams and client facing roles

• Experience with Office Suite including Project and Visio

• Exposure to Kubernetes/Rancher,

• Exposure to JBOSS/WebSphere.

• Experience with JIRA/Confluence and Office Suite.

• Familiarity of Cloud and Cloud Services

• Knowledge of related software and other automated job scheduling tools such as AutoSys, Job Scheduler, C etc.

• Infrastructure or operations experience in a UNIX/LINUX/Wintel environment

• Familiarity with a multi-tiered architecture and network connectivity

• Familiarity with hosting platforms such as WebSphere and JBoss

• Familiarity with PMP and agile methodologies

Perl - 1 year experience

SQL - 1-5 years experience

Unix/Linux - 1-5 years experience

Shell Script - 1 year experience

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Location: Lafayette, LA
Date Posted: September 10, 2021
Application Deadline: October 11, 2021