Performance Test Engineer (Advanced)


Performance Test Engineer (Advanced)


• Design and implement solutions to evaluate and improve performance and scalability
• Root cause performance and scalability issues and contribute to product code to alleviate these issues
• Optimize sizing of deployed component instances for cost optimization
• Develop performance and scale test plans and scripts based on deep understanding of domain, architecture and product tech stack
• Design and implement relevant simulators to ingest large scale data
• Design, implement and maintain test frameworks
• Support extended teams in troubleshooting problems, such as system malfunctions
• Provide feedback, propose solutions and suggest improvements in the product
• Deploy and manage AWS instances to orchestrate the scale and performance testing pipeline.
• Track test results as query-able time series data and alert upon failure in an automated fashion
• Support test failure troubleshooting in various relevant pipelines
• Support troubleshooting of customer reported scale and performance bugs and close the test coverage loop


• Jmeter scripts developer - Intermediate to Advanced-level
• LoadRunner experience with following protocols: Web (http/html) enhancements with ANSI-C custom functions (NOT simple record & Play-back), Web services, Java vuser, Truclient
• DevOps Tools (incl. Bitbucket, Jenkins/GitLab/Urban Code)
• Fair Understanding on: Developer IDE (eclipse/IntelliJ), How a Java project/application (Maven or Gradle) can be cloned on a local, Unit Testing with Junit framework, Perf Tools plugins on Java IDE

Bachelor degree in Computer Science, Information Systems or related field
AWS Solution Architect Associate or Developer Associate certification desired

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Location: Lafayette, LA
Date Posted: September 08, 2021
Application Deadline: October 08, 2021