Merchandising Reclaim Specialist


Merchandising Reclaim Specialist

@ Stuller

  • Customer service oriented with a focus on the customer. Transaction values are often unknown to the customer and therefore customer service and patience is extremely important.   
  • Inventory tracking - scrap/refining transactions are significant in value and impact. The skill set is required to understand transactions and the impact on the multiple accounts they affect.   
  • Process understanding - understanding the process to coach and assist our customers in helping them understand the best process for their material.  In addition, coaching them on segregation practices and scrap processes.  
  • Market knowledge and impact is significant in payout models and understanding industry standards and settlement times. The multiple methods upon which we make payout options and understanding buillion is critical.   
  • Ability to understand and development good processes for general ledger impact. Transaction variances from $10 to $10 Million are transacted daily and understanding the impact on these financially are critical.  
  • Interact and communicate with a variety of departments throughout the company.  
  • Monthly balancing of all inventory accounts.  
  • Estimating value of account balance based on estimates and historical data required. 


  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Ability to access information using automated systems (e.g., Windows-based computer).
  • Analytical 
  • Good organizational skills with the ability to handle multiple tasks simultaneously. 
  • Ability to collaborate effectively and work as part of a team.   

  • How to Apply:

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    Location: Lafayette, LA
    Date Posted: April 12, 2021
    Application Deadline: June 11, 2021