Graphic Designer (Contract)


Graphic Designer (Contract)

@ Stuller


  • A Stuller Graphic Designer brings design talent, a strong work ethic, ambition, and a positive attitude to the office, and their work, every day.
  • They are willing to learn, are excited about good design, and are respectful team members.
  • They may not know it all, but they are ready to embrace each new challenge with an open mind and every tool at their disposal to get the job done.
  • They take pride in their work, and their enthusiasm is contagious.

Essential Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Able to Set Priorities and Solve Problems.
  • A Stuller designer is in the right place, at the right time, and has the right “stuff” needed to complete a job quickly and efficiently. They understand their workload and expectations, as well as their own bandwidth. They know their limits, and communicate with the team if the need support, or anticipate issues with meeting a deadline.
  • A knowledge of the intended use/audience of each project is a plus: someone in this role understands who the end user of their project is and works to ensure that their designs forward the overall goals of the campaign.
  • Creates value for the team, and for Stuller. This means working quickly and efficiently to ensure project timelines stay on-track and are of the highest quality every time.
  • Delivers Business Results
  • Contributes to the Creative Team
  • Listens, collaborates and takes initiative on new and recurring projects.
  • Is flexible and adaptable in the type of work that is taken on: at this stage, there is learning in all tasks and all phases of assigned projects



  • Communication Skills
  • Creative problem solving is essential in this role: a knowledge of the desired outcome of their work means that a Stuller designer can suggest ideas and approach problems proactively, proposing new techniques (when applicable) and pushing the creative vision of the project forward.


  • A Stuller designer is a skilled listener. They are open to feedback from peers, supervisors, and other involved parties, and can transform that feedback into action items and tangible results.
  • A Stuller designer is an advocate for their work. They speak up, share their ideas, contribute to conversations, and can provide rationale for their decisions by illustrating connections to the Stuller brand, and the campaign strategy.
  • Flexibility and adaptability are key in this role- whether a new project is due tomorrow, or last-minute edits are needed before the project is done, this individual has the temperament and ability to handle change and feedback.


  • A Bachelor’s Degree, or equivalent, in graphic design
  • Program knowledge of Adobe InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, Acrobat, with additional knowledge of Lago

How to Apply:

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Location: Lafayette, LA
Date Posted: April 20, 2023
Application Deadline: June 22, 2023
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