Digital Marketing Campaign Manager


Digital Marketing Campaign Manager

@ Stuller

The Digital Marketing Campaign Manager is a highly collaborative role. Utilizing the Marketing, E-commerce, Merchandising, CRM, CX and Sales teams, this position will deliver the most relevant, targeted digital marketing messages to the Stuller customer base. Targeted messages will be delivered through a variety of channels, most notably email and website content. This position will be responsible for managing all aspects of the delivery of targeted messages through the email platform Marketing Cloud, Stuller's Web Content Management System, our content recommendations engine (Rich Relevance), the website search engine (LucidWorks), and any future tools acquired to drive targeted content. Additionally, this position will be responsible for analysis and reporting of digital campaigns through collaboration with a variety of information resources throughout the company. This position will maintain relationships with 3rd party technology providers that support our targeted marketing efforts, and provide subsequent ROI analysis.  


  • Facilitate the deployment of website targeted marketing content using various tools
  • Facilitate the deployment of targeted email marketing content using the Salesforce Marketing Cloud platform
  • Maintain and optimize tagging and tracking of digital marketing efforts
  • Provide detailed reporting on the effectiveness of targeted marketing efforts, utilizing various reporting resources
  • Develop documentation and road maps for processes, A/B tests, and promotions that succeed through email
  • Work to minimize email list decay and unsubscribes while increasing productivity of our email sends
  • Support/Manage Stuller's relationship with 3rd party technology suppliers (e.g. Email Service Provider, Target Marketing platforms)
  • Report on resulting ROI driven through 3rd party technologies 
  • Optimize customer segments for use in targeted marketing
  • Work with marketing strategy and digital development teams to uncover new promotional opportunities for targeted content


  • Bachelor's Degree or equivalent experience in traditional Marketing, Internet Marketing methods
  • Excellent multi-tasking abilities, with the ability to manage several unique projects simultaneously
  • Excellent collaborative skills, with the ability to thrive in a team environment
  • Extreme attention to detail, with a desire to produce quality over quantity
  • Excellent written and verbal communications skills
  • The desire to work in a fast-paced, professional environment
  • In-depth Email Marketing experience, with full understanding of CAN-SPAM compliance, mobile-friendly email design, Email Marketing analysis, list segmentation, and A/B testing methodologies
  • In-depth experience with Web Content Management Systems, with a good grasp of dynamic content targeting across numerous customer segments
  • Highly analytical, with experience using Google Analytics or a similar Web Analytics platform (SiteCatalyst, CoreMetrics, etc.) and the ability to derive meaning from data through A/B and other types of testing
  • A "Test and Iterate" approach to digital marketing

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Location: Lafayette, LA
Date Posted: May 21, 2021
Application Deadline: June 21, 2021