Data Engineer Consultant


Data Engineer Consultant


  • Engage in meetings with client stakeholders to drive out requirements
  • Become familiar with full stack end to end analytics technologies and tools such as Databricks, Azure, GCP, AWS, and Snowflake
  • Analyze technology ecosystems and provide recommendations for data solutions
  • Analyze business problems and help create impactful analytics or machine learning solutions
  • Use data manipulation tools to source, transform, and blend data from multiple different data sources
  • Write clear, concise, well-documented code
  • Translate business objectives into quantitative metrics
  • Collaborate with clients, colleagues, and other stakeholders across projects and work assignments


  • Understand emerging technologies and the role they play in transforming businesses for the digital era
  • Knowledge of data warehouse concepts, relational database design, ETL/ELT tools, data architecture, cloud platforms, and building data pipelines
  • Ability to write custom code to create, train, and deploy machine learning models or advanced analytics (or support data scientists working through these activities)
  • Practice with presenting analytic findings through visualizations and storytelling
  • Experience with SQL, Python, R, and/or other scripting and coding languages
  • Passion for continuously learning new technologies and developing own knowledge and expertise
  • Data-driven approach towards solving complex problems
  • Team player who helps others
  • Ability to explain technical problems or concepts to non-technical users


  • Big Data and Cloud Technologies (Azure, Snowflake, Delta Lake)

Skill Set - Years of Experience - Proficiency Level

  • Hadoop (ex. Spark, Hive) - 1-2 -Familiarity with concepts
  • API Design and Ingestion - 1-2 - Familiarity with concepts
  • Cloud (Azure, GCP, AWS) - 1-2 - Exposure
  • Data visualization (ex. PowerBI) - 1-2 - Exposure
  • Data Modeling - 1-2 - Exposure

How to Apply:

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Location: Lafayette, LA
Date Posted: November 03, 2021
Application Deadline: January 04, 2022