D&G Order Processor


D&G Order Processor

@ Stuller


  • The role of a Diamond & Gemstone Order Processor is to accurately and efficiently fill customer orders of loose diamonds and gemstones.
  • You will perform this task counting by hand, using a pair of tweezers to fill orders.
  • You will also use a hand-held tool known as a Digital Gauge, to measure millimeter sizes of stones.
  • Total karat weights of orders will be weighed on a Digital Desk Top Scale.
  • One of the most important job roles as an Order Processor, is to match gemstones for cut, color, and clarity.
  • You will receive, fill and process all orders through Oracle Tracking System.

Essential Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Accurate processing of straight fill lines for generic or specific customer requirements for size and/or color
  • Accurate processing of match lines including match & bag, (HIYW) and specific requirements for size and/or color
  • Quality assurance of stones sent for customer orders and internal orders, such as HIYW
  • Correctly filling all orders with a minimum accuracy of 99.92% or 99.94% depending on length of service
  • Accurate processing of broken/exchange batch orders for Stone Setting Department
  • Accurate matching of requested gemstones for mountings received from customers
  • Receipt verification and stocking of new product
  • Receipt verification and re-stocking of customer returns
  • Organization of bin inventory
  • Opening shift must be proficient in inventory cycle counting procedure closing shift must be proficient in closing duties
  • Storage of bins, lock-up of each workstation, etc.
  • Required to complete computer-based training periodically
  • Required to check your Stuller Corporate email account to attain and communicate important company information



  • Proficient eyesight capable of inspecting for cut, color, and clarity of a stone
  • Great dexterity
  • Able to sit for your work shift
  • Basic computer skills, able to move batches through Oracle Tracking System


  • Flexibility with work hours
  • Open minded to cross train in other department and/or company positions
  • Dependable and punctual with attendance
  • Capable of working in a quite area with minimal talking


  • High school diploma or equivalent

How to Apply:

Apply online at https://www.stuller.com/careers/

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Location: Lafayette, LA
Date Posted: July 14, 2022
Application Deadline: September 15, 2022
Job Type: Full-time