Customer Support Team Lead


Customer Support Team Lead

@ Waitr

Employee Development & Leadership - Continuous employee development and exceptional leadership enhances employee engagement, knowledge, skills, and morale, ultimately leading to excellent customer service. The Supervisor leads and develops Customer Support Representatives by setting clear performance expectations and holding Representatives accountable. In addition, he/she identifies and provides feedback to direct reports through one-on-one meetings, personal development plans, and coaching opportunities.

Quality Management - Structures for performance management are enforced. The Supervisor keeps track of Customer Support performance metrics, uses performance data to identify trends, guiding process improvement. The Team Lead also leverages this information to provide appropriate coaching to Representatives.

Customer Care - Waitr Customer Support aspires to provide world-class southern hospitality for our awesome customers, which include diners, drivers, and restaurant partners. After initiating contact, diners, drivers, and restaurant partners feel satisfied with issue resolution and therefore continue to use Waitr. The Team Lead coaches Representatives to produce higher quality outcomes for all customers and maintains existing processes to ensure customers are addressed promptly and effectively.


At least 30 days of experience in Waitr or BSQ Support.

Prior management or supervisory experience.

Associate’s or Bachelor’s degree.

Experience in Operations Management, Strategy Consulting, or program with similar quantitative rigor.

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Location: Lafayette, LA
Date Posted: March 24, 2021
Application Deadline: April 23, 2021