Corporate Certified Wound Care Ostomy Nurse


Corporate Certified Wound Care Ostomy Nurse

@ LHC Group

  • Collaborates with organizational leadership and other key constituents to design, develop, deliver, and implement resources and education based on Wound Ostomy Continence Nurse (WOCN) criteria to advance the practice of skin integrity and wound care within the home care environment.
  • Collaborates with education team to develop, revise, and report learning outcomes, objectives and competencies for wound care education offerings.
  • Researches, surveys, and solicits feedback for new wound care educational offerings.
  • Collaborates with education department leaders to review, evaluate effectiveness and recommend changes to wound care education resources.
  • Collaborates with Procurement to facilitate management of the wound care formulary.
  • Support improved compliance, efficiency and consistency of wound care management throughout the organization to maximize patient outcomes and Company goals.
  • Provides in-services and training for LHC clinical staff involved in the management of wound care.
  • Serves as a lead contact for HH agencies’ wound care programs, and acts as a resource/support for field staff.
  • Identifies appropriate internal quality controls providing mechanisms to monitor and enforce best practices, trends, and report data related to wound care outcomes, and stewardship of wound care resources.
  • Serves as a consultant to provide insight and potential solutions for complex clinical cases to improve patient care and outcomes.
  • Uses judgment and critical thinking skills to assess, diagnose, and identify outcomes; develop and implement an individualized care plan; and evaluate care of the patient with an acute or chronic wound.
  • Uses evidence-based assessment techniques, instruments, tools, and available data and information to identify problems and needs of the patient with an acute or chronic wound.
  • Collects pertinent data (e.g., biological, physical, functional, psychosocial, etc.) using a systemic process to identify the patient’s needs.
  • Synthesizes and prioritizes assessment data to provide focused care for the patient with an acute or chronic wound.
  • Assesses the impact of family dynamics, and cultural and religious beliefs on the patient’s care needs.
  • Formulates culturally sensitive, expected outcomes based on the assessment and diagnosis.
  • Uses evidence-based knowledge and research findings to guide practice and develop strategies/interventions to manage care to achieve appropriate goals and outcomes for patients with acute or chronic wounds.
  • Conducts an ongoing evaluation of the goals and outcomes for management of the patient with an acute or chronic wound; and uses assessment data to revise/modify the diagnosis, outcomes, plans, and strategies as warranted.
  • Engages the patient with an acute or chronic wound in self-care to maximize independence and achieve goals for quality of life.
  • Articulates the role and responsibilities of the WOCN to team members.
  • Leads interprofessional teams to communicate, collaborate, and consult effectively; and ensure that safe, effective, efficient, timely, patient-centered, and equitable care is provided for the patient with an acute or chronic wound.
  • Coordinates care for the prevention and management of complications.
  • Develops and implements evidence-based educational programs for patients, staff, and other healthcare providers.
  • Evaluates processes, policies, procedures, and protocols/guidelines for care of patients with acute or chronic wounds; and recommends revisions when warranted.
  • Provides leadership in the design of quality improvement initiatives to optimize outcomes of care for patients with acute or chronic wounds.
  • Advocates for the patient with an acute or chronic wound (and for the specialty and professional practice) to ensure the availability and access for the patient to specialty care services, resources, and supplies including insurance coverage.
  • Facilitates/coordinates use of systems and community resources to implement and enhance care of patients with acute or chronic wounds across the continuum of care.
  • Engages consumer alliance and advocacy groups in health teaching and health promotion activities for patients.
  • All other duties as assigned.


Certificated Wound Care nurse.

Minimum of three (3) years’ experience in a wound care management and  treatment.

Current RN licensure in state of practice.

Current CPR certification.

Current Driver’s License, vehicle insurance & access to a dependable vehicle or public  transportation.

 In-depth knowledge of current standards of practice in wound care.

Ability to demonstrate commitment to excellence in wound care.

Computer skills with knowledge of Microsoft Suite applications.

Knowledge of clinical practices and operations.

Effective communication (verbal and written), and interpersonal skills.

Demonstrated ability to manage multiple priorities, coordinate group meetings, and use increasing levels of independent judgement and a wide degree of creativity and latitude.

Spirit of teamwork and strong mentoring skills.

Fiscal responsibility and accountability.

How to Apply:

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Location: Lafayette, LA
Date Posted: July 09, 2021
Application Deadline: August 09, 2021