Cloud Security Specialist


Cloud Security Specialist


Liaison for the organization

Guide, help, and oversee an overarching security model for all the cloud-based infrastructure

Ensures that software meets or exceeds specified standards and end-user requirements

Communicating with stakeholders

Working in Agile methodologies and building CICD pipelines

Positive attitude with high degree of professionalism and unwavering adherence to client satisfaction

Desire to learn new technologies

Self-motivated and can work with very little supervision in a team environment


The Specialist role will need to have experience with the main tools in our platform:

Advanced knowledge of AWS Security tools such as GuardDuty, SecurityHub, Macie, Inspector, Organizations.

Experience with integration of security into various architectural paradigms possible in AWS and how they differ.

Advanced knowledge of CI/CD pipeline deployments and how they are implemented in order to achieve and maintain compliance (HIPAA, others)

Experience with compliance requirements (HIPPA and others) and how to assess, prioritize and remediate findings.

Advanced experience and verbal communications experience with emphasis on communication between technology teams and security teams at the enterprise level.

Skill Set / Years of Experience / Proficiency Level

AWS Services / 5+ years / High

Terraform, CI/CD, DevOps / 5+ years / High


Skill Set / Years of Experience

Agile Framework / 1 year

Minimum Education Required: Bachelor’s Degree

How to Apply:

Apply online at

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Location: Lafayette, LA
Date Posted: December 21, 2020
Application Deadline: January 21, 2021