Chemical Manufacturing Technician 1


Chemical Manufacturing Technician 1

@ SafeSource Direct


  • Ability to perform all assigned Chemical Manufacturing duties with minimal supervision and per site, local, and federal requirements.
  • Ability to operate pumps and valves, monitor tanks levels and temperatures, perform pH and PPM testing. 
  • Complete mix tank preparation and operation, chemical formulation, blending, filtration, and supply to production lines. 
  • Update quality records, to include logbooks, checklists, batch records, and mixing tank status boards.
  • Assist Quality Assurance and Production to ensure proper coordination and execution of manufacturing activities.
  • Participate in product and process investigations, corrective, and preventive actions (CAPAs), and continuous improvement activities.
  • Perform cleaning-in-place activities, preventative maintenance checks and filter replacement. 
  • Responsible for adhering to site safety objectives.
  • Report issues related to safety, product, process, equipment, facility, and utilities to the team lead and engineering department. 
  • Ability to cross-train.
  • Perform other assigned additional duties.



  • HS/GED or higher education required with experience working as a Chemical Manufacturing Technician or other related field.
  • Display a proficiency to perform all tasks required of a Chemical Manufacturing Technician. 
  • Comfortable working with chemicals, i.e., acids, bases, chlorine, caustic potash, nitrile butadiene rubber, etc.
  • Demonstrate a mechanical aptitude with troubleshooting skills.
  • Strong interpersonal skills and the ability to work as a cohesive team member or leader.
  • Working knowledge of industry and regulatory standards/ guidelines.
  • Ability to interpret the metric system in weight and volume measurements.
  • Clearly speak, read, write, and comprehend the English language.
  • Adept to standing, walking, and climbing stairs for up to 12-hours
  • Capable to work in a noisy, hot, and humid environment.
  • Willing to work a Pitman Schedule (3-2-2-3), days and nights
  • Able to lift and move compounds weighing 30 lbs. or greater.

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Location: Broussard, LA
Date Posted: May 29, 2024
Application Deadline: July 29, 2024
Job Type: Full-time