Casting Metal Tree Technician 1


Casting Metal Tree Technician 1

@ Stuller

Proficient in use of hydraulic clipping machine

Able to remove cast parts from tree

Able to remove excess sprue from all pieces without cutting the piece or causing distortion

Proficient in use of separating disc machine

Proficient in use of pneumatic clippers

Proficient in use of all hand clippers

Able to judge which equipment should be used to get best results

Able to identify by sight which pieces should be clipped flush

Able to sort pieces by size and series as they are removed from the tree

Able to spot defects and recasts before magging

Ability to identify which parts need to be magged and for how long

Ability to angle the tree properly in order to reach and brighten recessed areas in the correct amount of time allotted

Ability to quality check after magging to proceed with tumbling

Ability to operate/maintain magnetic tumblers: clean, change soap and water, etc.

Ability to identify trees by mountings/findings/tops because of different times on different parts


Able to work with small pieces

Able to handle small tasks simultaneously

Good communication skills

Good people skills

Able to follow directions

Good attendance

High school diploma or equivalent

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Location: Lafayette, LA
Date Posted: April 12, 2021
Application Deadline: June 11, 2021