Case Coordinator


Case Coordinator

@ Diocese of Lafayette

 Gather and communicate information regarding Tribunal cases, working with Petitioners, Respondents, Procurators/Advocates, as well as Judges, Defenders of the Bond, Assessors, and Auditors.

 Receive assigned cases, assign protocol numbers, and contact those involved in each case about canonical deadlines and the progress of the case.

 Carefully and accurately input computer data to manage case documentation and ensure that records are kept current.

 Function as a Tribunal Notary.

 Prepare and send authenticated copies of cases to the tribunal of appeal if an appeal is filed.

 Responsible for preserving and archiving cases and documents.

 Meet with Petitioners or Respondents who come to review the acts of the case.

 Work with parish priests and pastoral ministers to meet the needs of those requesting review of their marital status in the Church.

 Answer the telephone and direct incoming calls.

 Notify parishes of baptism and marriage regarding Tribunal decisions, which should be noted in the parish sacramental registers.

 Research previous cases as needed for properly requested information from the spouses involved in a case.

 Develop and maintain the necessary statistics for reporting on the Tribunal’s activities.

 Prepare annual reports.

 May be assigned to take care of office machines (copier, FAX, shredder) and to see to

their maintenance and repair as needed in consultation with the Judicial Vicar.

 Consult with managers and staff of the tribunals in other dioceses to seek or provide

information as necessary and appropriate.

 Provide status reports (verbal/written) as requested, according to standards

established by the Judicial Vicar.

 Attend programs/meetings/workshops/training, as directed.

 Assume other duties as needed and/or assigned by the Judicial Vicar.

 Properly maintain confidential records and information.

 Maintain a calendar to be sure time limits are observed in the processing of each case.

 May be assigned to check emails, and forward or respond to emails.

 Answer general questions about the Tribunal process.

 Assist Administrative Assistant with general office operations, as needed and/or

assigned by the Judicial Vicar.

 May be assigned to help train new staff.


 Ability to maintain absolute confidentiality.

 Must be a Catholic in good standing.

 Must possess knowledge and understanding of the Catholic Church and its faith


 Ability and willingness to learn procedural basics which pertain to Matrimony or Formal

Trials of Marriage Nullity in the Code of Canon Law as well as canonical jurisprudence

for marriage nullity cases as summarized in other writings

 Ability to quickly and objectively analyze situations to determine a proper course of

action; and to act effectively in emergency and stressful situations.

 Ability to clearly and effectively communicate and interact with the many different

persons who are in contact with the office, including but not limited to clergy, religious,

vulnerable individuals, etc.

 Demonstrated ability to be self-motivated, organized, prompt in performing tasks and

capable of working independently.

 Ability to deal sensitively, courteously and responsively (via telephone, electronic

communications, or in person) when responding to inquiries and in making referrals.

 Must maintain up-to-date personal Safe Environment certification.

 Knowledge of and experience in current office-related computer system/program(s),

including but not limited to WORD, EXCEL, OUTLOOK, and MAIL MERGE.

 Ability to learn Tribunal-specific programs.

 Must possess proficient typing and proofreading skills as well as ability to compose and

write in proper format, punctuation, spelling and grammar.

 Minimum of five years’ office experience; with two years’ experience working in

situations requiring attention to detail preferred.

 College experience and/or technical school training preferred.

 Ability to read, write, and speak in Spanish or Vietnamese a plus.

How to Apply:

For further details as well as instructions to apply, please visit our employment page at

Location: Lafayette, LA
Date Posted: February 02, 2021
Application Deadline: March 02, 2021