Business Data Analyst 2


Business Data Analyst 2

@ Stuller

  • Develop broad knowledge of the jewelry industry, company operations, and data architecture to ensure effective vetting of business requests 
  • Explore, acquire, clean, and validate data sets necessary to support analysis of initiatives across the enterprise 
  • Derive new business insights through various analysis methods and collaborate on strategies to improve business performance with peers and business leaders 
  • Effectively communicate the outcome of project analyses to individuals or teams to assist in driving effective decision making at all levels of the organization 
  • Build and deliver presentations to convey analytical learnings utilizing effective data visualizations to tell a complete story 
  • Gather all necessary project requirements on the outset of new initiatives and efficiently manage multiple project deliverables simultaneously  
  • Collaborate with business leaders to ideate new strategies for improving business analysis acumen and develop process efficiencies in existing reporting mechanisms 
  • Convert strategic testing successes into long-term guidelines and best practices to advance company initiatives 
  • Evolve existing customer and product segmentation strategies and develop new approaches to target optimal customers for multi-channel marketing strategies 
  • Analyze the effectiveness or project the potential return on investment of sales, marketing, and merchandising strategies; make recommendations for performance improvement 
  • Maintain database tables and query processes utilized by the Strategic Analysis team to store data and business rules required for business intelligence reporting tool consumption 
  • Examine the relationships between data tables and write SQL queries in Snowflake, Oracle, and Microsoft SSMS for data acquisition, staging, and modeling 
  • Identify data integrity issues and partner with IT, data governance, and data engineering teams to resolve problems 
  • Assist the enterprise analytics team in developing reporting tools in MicroStrategy BI for individual, departmental, or company-wide dissemination 
  • Develop Python, R, or similar programming skills to advance analytics teams toward the adoption of new data science projects 
  • Utilize best practices to analyze and interpret business trends and seasonality for the application of statistical analysis to predict future outcomes (forecasting, simple/multiple regression) 
  • Plan and build statistical models to support the cost-benefit analysis of enterprise initiatives requiring sample testing 
  • Work toward the implementation of automated analytics and machine learning processes for big data applications; stay current on methodologies, software, and processes 
  • Model response and growth opportunity propensity to efficiently utilize resources for marketing campaigns, lead distribution, and cross-selling opportunities 
  • Lead efforts to develop scalable, innovative approaches to extracting, managing, and analyzing data for insights that will lead to organizational performance improvement 
  • Be a team player and nurture relationships with colleagues through focused and accountable collaboration on shared goals


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Analytics, Business Management, Computer Science, Statistics, or a similar field 
  • 5+ years progressive experience in a business environment with a focus on analytics, reporting, and process improvement 
  • Possess and develop critical thinking skills to navigate and analyze diverse business projects with great attention to detail 
  • Demonstrated project management skills with the ability to manage multiple projects simultaneously 
  • Ability to work both independently and collaboratively in a cross-functional environment to advance analytical culture and create new efficiencies 
  • Experience working with senior decision makers and communicating data insights to all organizational levels 
  • Requires advanced knowledge of Microsoft Excel, SQL query writing, and database structure, functionality, and relationships
  • Desired skills and experience include knowledge of database analytics, process automation, Python/R language, and machine learning processes

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Location: Lafayette, LA
Date Posted: November 10, 2021
Application Deadline: December 10, 2021