AWS Sr Full Stack Engineer –Big Data Experience


AWS Sr Full Stack Engineer –Big Data Experience


The role involves working with business and technical experts to implement software engineering best practices that promote the highest reusability across the client’s organization globally. Their International team creates global solutions at enterprise scale with complete automation.

You will be responsible for the delivery of a business needs end-to-end, from understanding the requirements to deploying the software into production.

The focus for this team is on the delivery of innovative solutions to complex problems, with the unique opportunity to:

  • Tackle emerging data privacy rules and regulations that vary all over the world
  • Use cutting edge technology in the AWS cloud environment with global/enterprise scope
  • Work in a collaborative environment with people around the globe

Key Responsibilities:

  • Drive automation and integrate with CI/CD tools for continuous validation.
  • Drive mentality of building well architected applications for AWS Cloud
  • Drive the mentality of quality being owned by the entire team.
  • Identify code defects and work with other developers to address quality issues in product code.
  • Finding bottlenecks and thresholds in existing code through the use of automation tools.
  • Articulate clear business objectives aligned to technical specifications and work in an iterative agile pattern daily.
  • Ownership over your work task, and are comfortable interacting with all levels of the team and raise challenges when necessary.

Delivery Responsibilities:

  • Core code production for back, middle and front-end applications
  • Deploying and developing AWS cloud applications and services end to end
  • Operational triage of bugs, failed test cases and system failures
  • Creating and optimizing infrastructure performance metrics
  • Mapping user stories to detailed technical specifications
  • Complete detailed peer code reviews
  • Architecting pilots and proofs-of-concept effort to spur innovation
  • Working in all stages of the development lifecycle
  • Automation of manual data object creation and test cases
  • Ask smart questions, collaborate, team up, take risks, and champion new ideas


The candidate should have below skills and expertise.

  • Extensive experience with AWS or other cloud technologies
  • Strong Terraform IaaS experience.
  • Knowledge of Micro service and serverless architectures
  • Experience with DevOps & CI/CD tools – Jenkins, Cloudbees, Please Build, etc.
  • Proficiency with OOP languages such as Python, Java, Scala, but Python preferred 
  • Proficiency working with large data stores and data sets
  • Deep understanding of database concepts and design for SQL (primarily) and NoSQL (secondarily) -- schema design, optimization, scalability, etc. 
  • Solid experience with git software version control and good understanding of code branching strategies and organization for code reuse

Skill Set Years of Experience Proficiency Level

  • Software Development   5+ years   expert
  • Web Services   3+ years   intermediate
  • GIT / Jenkins   2+ years    intermediate
  • AWS   2+ years   expert
  • Oracle / SQL Server DB   2+ years   intermediate


  • Linux / UNIX operating system environment, comfort with bash scripting and command line
  • Experience in streaming data, such as Kafka, Kinesis
  • Machine learning and/or artificial intelligence experience
  • Experience building RESTful APIs (e.g. Python/Swagger)

Required Education: Bachelors Degree in Computer Science or related Field

How to Apply:

Apply online at

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Location: Lafayette, LA
Date Posted: January 14, 2022
Application Deadline: February 14, 2022