Assistant HWO Operator


Assistant HWO Operator

@ International Snubbing Services


  • Under direct supervision, operate Hydraulic Workover (HWO) unit in well intervention techniques which can be used to install or remove tubular in or out of static well operations; wells with zero surface pressure and heavy fluid or mud in the wellbore, or those not capable of sustaining natural flow 


  • Communicate and interpret work instruction
  • Use safe practices while performing duties
  • As a lead, supervise and assign responsibilities for rig up of the unit
  • Rig up and function the choke manifold
  • Operate jack with tubulars and BHA’s
  • Provide instruction in the rig-up/down of the unit
  • Instruct personnel on inspection and starting on power packs (Hydraulic or Mud Pump)
  • Set the pumps on hydraulic power pack with Supervisor
  • Operate traveling and stationary slip bowls and demonstrate how to dress the bowls with appropriate dies for tubular requirements to complete the job
  • Instruct personnel on operating counterbalance winches and demonstrate how to adjust hydraulic pressure
  • Follow lift plans for rig-up with two lift concept
  • Operate high pressure pumps
  • Instruct personnel on operating tongs correctly to prevent damage to work string and personnel
  • Load and unload equipment
  • Operate the CB winch during pipe tripping operation with all tubular sizes when needed
  • Assist on all ground operations during HWO pipe rack operations
  • Assist with testing of the BOP’s and related equipment
  • Assist with BHA measurements, ID’s and OD’s prior to prepare slip dies and tong dies
  • Assist with DROP’s in work basket and work window areas
  • Arrange for the layout of BOP and riser assembly to properly space out stack for operation
  • Perform Critical Function Tests, Weekly Routine Maintenance Inspections and confirm documentation
  • Perform Behavior-Based Safety System and Risk Assessments
  • Facilitate the Company reporting systems; such as Hazard Hunt, Superior Hazard & Risk Prevention (SHARP), Take 5 and Incident Notification
  • Attend and actively participate in Daily Safety Meetings
  • Report any hazards, all near misses, and any injuries immediately to the Supervisor
  • Provide instructions, information, and training in specific Hazards and Safe Work Practices, Spill Prevention and Spill Response
  • Instruct personnel of duties to perform on daily bases when repositioning for training
  • Function test winch equipment while fully rigged up
  • Correctly install all cables on gin pole (Counter Balance, Main Hoist and Scoping cable)
  • Assist in basket operation as trainer and replacement
  • Perform basic maintenance duties, lubricating and fueling equipment
  • Inspect lay down line and strap for wear
  • Operate choke manifold and line up circulating manifold to stand pipe or kill line
  • Handle and weigh drilling or brine fluids



  • High School diploma or equivalent
  • Experienced in forklift operation
  • Maintain valid Well Control Certification
  • HUET, Water Survival, Basic Firefighting and FAST Training
  • Knowledge of and ability to read and comprehend equipment certification and test charts
  • Behavior Based Safety System and Risk Assessments


  • Ability to enter confined spaces by use of ladders or other access devices up to 20 feet
  • Perform work in all types of weather conditions
  • Perform duties with all protective equipment and H2S respirator when required. 

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Location: Arnaudville, LA
Date Posted: October 26, 2022
Application Deadline: December 28, 2022
Job Type: Full-time