Application Support Specialist Tier 1


Application Support Specialist Tier 1

@ LHC Group

  •  Will serve as a first point of contact for people experiencing a variety of difficulties with their software and hardware
  •  Will maintain exemplary customer service by exercising a professional, friendly, and calm demeanor when communicating with customers using a variety of communication and support technologies
  •  Will assist customers at all levels of technical knowledge with their issues and communicate at their level with appropriate respect
  •  Will document, prioritize, and monitor customer issues to ensure a timely resolution
  •  Will efficiently and effectively work through a series of questions to identify the issue and systematically work through the responses to arrive at a solution
  •  When not able to independently solve an issue, will ensure that the issue is resolved by escalating the issue to a more senior service desk professional as appropriate
  •  Will gain proficient working knowledge of the applications they are responsible for supporting
  •  Will remain up to date with all new upgrades, system enhancements and changes to ensure effective solutions are given to customers
  •  Will remain current with all required continuing education and compliance training mandated by the company and/or by supervisor
  •  Will identify trends in incoming issues and effectively communicate the finds to the next level of support
  •  Will maintain productivity standard as set forth by supervisor at or above 100%
  •  Will display a sense of urgency and drive to complete tasks quickly


 Associate's/Bachelor's Degree or appropriate level certifications preferred

 Some Homecare Homebase or other electronic medical record system experience required

 Demonstrate excellent customer service skills

 Demonstrate strong logic skills

 Demonstrate understanding of current computer, telephonic and mobile technology

 Demonstrate excellent verbal and written communication skills

 Demonstrate exceptional ability to think quickly and logically when under pressure

 Demonstrate strong capability to multitask and prioritize a busy workload

How to Apply:

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Location: Lafayette, LA
Date Posted: April 30, 2021
Application Deadline: May 30, 2021