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LEDA Virtual Job Fair


Employers interested in posting their job openings on the LEDA Virtual job fair (at no cost) can send job description, qualifications, and application method to LEDA's Director of Workforce Development by email.

In addition to posting your vacancies on LEDA's website, positions are also distributed to a network of workforce centers and educational institutions as appropriate.

Position: Collections Assistant

The Collections Assistant will assist the Curator with cleaning historical and reproduction artifacts and maintaining a clean and pest-free environment in the display areas. The Assistant must follow best practices for handling the artifacts. The Assistant will also help with exhibits, condition reports, and any other tasks the Curatorial Department may need.

 Vermilionville will supply cleaning products, tools, and guidance on practices for house and artifact cleaning.
 The Assistant is a costumed employee, cleaning artifacts and interiors in collections areas. The curator may request other work as part of special programming and events.
 Help pack and move artifacts for exhibits
 Fill out condition and incident reports for collections
 Assist with Integrated Pest Management and recording pest activity in exhibit areas
 Keep artifacts on display clean
 Conduct professional development throughout the year to stay up to date on standards and practices. This include methods and techniques of handling, storing and transporting artifacts. Principles and procedures used in the documentation and preservation of historical artifacts
 Communicate clearly and concisely, both orally and in writing

The Assistant will keep the displays in each house clean and organized, per the Curatorial Department’s instructions. Vermilionville houses contain many sensitive artifacts, it is the Collections Assistant’s job to ensure the cleanliness and specific needs of each object. Electric cleaning supplies, including vacuums, cannot be used during operation hours, 10 a.m. – 4 p.m. No chemicals should be used in the homes or on the artifacts, all supplies will be provided by the Curatorial Department.

 Mandatory High School diploma or equivalent
 Essential and marginal functions may require physical condition necessary for light to moderate lifting and for standing prolonged periods of time
 Preference will be given to young professionals or students interested in museum work, history, conservation, anthropology, archeology, architecture, restoration, artifact management, customer service, tourism, or francophone studies

\ Greet the guests as if they were a visitor in your own home
 The Curatorial Department will provide interpretive training for the Assistant in case asked a question by guests, but interpreting the house for guests is not the primary duty of the Assistant.
\ Be quick to offer information regarding your location and task
 This involves knowing the history of your location, as well as the meanings/uses of the various artifacts found there. Ask the guests if they have any questions you might be able to answer.
 If you are able to speak French, please greet the guests in French first. This will inform the French-speaking guest that you are able to interact in their language.
\ Be in proper costume, at all times, issued by Vermilionville
 Ladies and gentlemen will wear black or brown boots or shoes.
 Ladies should wear the proper head covering for their location. Men should wear straw hats in summer and felt/knit hats in winter.
 During inclement weather, only solid black umbrellas are appropriate for use in the village.
 Keep your costume clean, wash it at least once every 2 times of wear.
 No smoking in or around the village. If your costume smells of smoke, you may be asked to return home and clean it before your shift.
 Please see the head of Museum Operations for wardrobe requests or questions.
\ Retain authenticity in your location
 Lunch boxes, purses, personal items, etc., must be concealed from view at all times.) When walking through the village (when we are open) with personal items, put them into an inconspicuous bag, sack, or basket that fits the atmosphere of our village.
 Absolutely no mechanical devices (i.e. radios, cell phones, etc.) can be seen in the village. Please conceal your cell phones if you need them with you at your location and also be sure to have the ringer on silent and the vibration option turned off.
 There is to be absolutely no selling of any items, crafts, or food in the village. Any items in the village that are made by Vermilionville craftspeople and are for sale in the gift shop or art gallery must have the price tags removed.
 Please see the Curator for authenticity requests or questions.

Salary Range:

$10.00 per hour

Application Requirements:
Vermilionville’s mission is to increase appreciation for the history, culture, and natural resources of the Native Americans, Acadians, Creoles, and peoples of African descent in the Attakapas region through the end of the 1800s. Through historic interpretation and conservation along the Bayou Vermilion, we strive to educate guests on the interactions of these groups and the connections between past and contemporary folklife, thus empowering guests to apply these lessons from our shared histories.

Let us all remember that we are cultural ambassadors and should share our rich heritage with all who come to visit us in the best way we can.

If you would like to be a part of our dedicated team, please send a cover letter and resume to [email protected]

Thanks for your interest in Vermilionville Living History Museum & Folklife Park!

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Annie Mahoney
[email protected]
3372334077 x.200

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