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LEDA Virtual Job Fair


Employers interested in posting their job openings on the LEDA Virtual job fair (at no cost) can send job description, qualifications, and application method to LEDA's Director of Workforce Development by email.

In addition to posting your vacancies on LEDA's website, positions are also distributed to a network of workforce centers and educational institutions as appropriate.

Position: Grill & Bar/Banquet Cook

Essential Duties:
1. Prepare or direct preparation of food serviced using established production procedures and systems.
• Determine amount and type of food and supplies required using production systems.
• Ensure availability of supplies and food or approved substitutions in adequate time for preparation.
• Set steam table; serve or ensure proper serving of food for tray line or dining room.
2. Comply with established sanitation standards, personal hygiene, and health standards. Observe proper food preparation and handling techniques.
3. Store food properly and safely, marking date and item.
4. Report necessary equipment repair and maintenance to supervisor.

Task List – Cook
1. Correctly prepare all food served following standard recipes and special diet orders.
2. Plan food production to coordinate with meal serving hours so that excellence, quality, temperature, and appearance of food will be preserved.
3. Apportion food for serving.
4. Maintain daily production records.
5. Keep work area neat and clean at all times; clean and maintain equipment used in food preparation.
6. Complete food temperature checks before service.

Other Duties
1. Perform tasks which are supportive in nature to the essential functions of the job, but which may be altered or redesigned depending upon individual circumstances.
2. Prepare and serve food for special functions as designed.

EDUCATION AND EXPERIENCE: A high school diploma or equivalent preferred. Candidate must be at least 18 years of age. Prior experience in related food service positions required.

• Moderate reading and writing skills
• Proficient interpersonal relations and communicative skills
• Ability to follow written and oral instructions and procedures.
• Must maintain skills necessary to safely and efficiently operate the following equipment and machines used in the performance of the job:
o Kitchen equipment, i.e., oven, stove, dishwasher, slicer, coffee machine, steamer, mixer, and chef’s knives.

Application Requirements:
Send resume by email to [email protected] May apply in person by completing an application in the Fitness Center from 8:00 AM - 3:00 PM Monday - Friday.

Job Posted:
Application Deadline:

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