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LEDA Virtual Job Fair


Employers interested in posting their job openings on the LEDA Virtual job fair (at no cost) can send job description, qualifications, and application method to LEDA's Director of Workforce Development by email.

In addition to posting your vacancies on LEDA's website, positions are also distributed to a network of workforce centers and educational institutions as appropriate.

Position: Housekeeping Supervisor

Want to be a part of the Professional Cleaning Team?!! PCMS is now hiring!! Looking for motivated, detailed-oriented and self-driven individual!!
Reports To : Corporate Operation's Manager
Job Summary: A Facility Supervisor has the responsibility to ensure corporate compliance and that their facility is cleaned up to PCMS standards. The facility supervisor is responsible for leading and managing the cleaning protocols and personnel of the facility that you are assigned to. You must be a leader and possess the ability to make decisions. Decision making is the primary key to successfully manage the facility. Scheduling is a number one priority for the facility supervisor; all vacation requests must be approved or rejected by the facility supervisor. The facility supervisor is responsible for ensuring that the cleaning schedule of the facility is followed at all times. The facility supervisor must be able to motivate, lead, train, and discipline employees.
Duties and Responsibilities:
Ensure all employees punch in and out at all times.
Ensure all employees follow all of the safety rules and regulations.
Ensure all company policies should are followed at all times.
Ensure all of the rules and regulations of the facility you are operating in are followed. (Rules that pertain to PCMS, but not limited to PCMS).
Must keep each employee productive at all times.
Monitor all employees during the work night.
Maintain the equipment and ensure that all cleaning and maintenance schedules are followed.
Make sure all damages to the equipment are reported.
Make sure all property damages are reported.
Hold a weekly safety meeting based on the schedule produced by the PCMS Office. Make sure there is written material to cover with an approved topic. Make sure all employees sign the training roster. Make sure all signed rosters are faxed to the office.
Hold a team meeting on the schedule provided by the PCMS Office to cover topics of the week. This meeting should be a positive meeting to start the week.
Inspect each work area every night, making an accurate assessment of each area. Make sure your reports are accurate and precise.
Report any event that is out of the ordinary.
Report any changes that are seen at your facility/facilities.
Make sure each employee is in proper uniform each night.
Make sure a Pre-and Post-vehicle inspection is done if applicable. (Check the vehicle yourself at least 3 times per week).
Make sure all extra floor work is completed.
Report any incidents or accidents immediately.
Make sure the labor and supply budget is followed. Your goal is to meet and exceed the budgets.
Maintain at least a 98% customer service rating.
Provide a weekly training session for a specified training topic, i.e., dusting, restroom, high dusting, vacuuming, power vacuuming, mopping, power mopping, buffing, counter cleaning, (Extraction & Bonnet), stripping & waxing, top coating, window cleaning, trash emptying & replacing liners, machine maintenance, and etc.
Maintain 0 percent inventory shrinkage.
Order supplies accurately on a level of 2% usage.
When employees are working in the facility you must walk the facility to make sure each employee is doing his or her job.
The supervisor must maintain extra work detail, i.e. Fire Extinguisher, etc.
The nightly inspection report should match with-in 1 point of the Operations Supervisor’s daytime inspection and or regional inspection. Each area is to be thoroughly inspected each night, by doing this there should not be any complaints that could have been avoided by the inspection.
In the event that your work staff is short, you must use the labor that you do have to complete the cleaning schedule if a replacement is not available.
You must treat each employee the same, and evaluate each area thoroughly.
Each facility supervisor is also a working supervisor and must be able to assist in all cleaning phases of facility/facilities.
Ad Hoc
Mandatory Requirements:
Good communication skills.
Ability to manage employees in a respectful and professional manner.
Ability to stand for long periods of time.
Ability to work at a moderate to fast pace.
Ability to pay attention to detail.
Ability to work the facility cleaning and wax schedule.
Complete knowledge of PCMS cleaning protocols.
Complete knowledge of PCMS cleaning techniques, products, and principles.
Job Type: Full-time
Apply at
Job Type: Full-time

High School Diploma or GED
Minimum 1 year of Supervisor/Management Experience
Team Building Skills

Application Requirements: or In Person at 109 Jared Dr. Broussard, La 70518

Job Posted:
Application Deadline:
Shaterica L.
[email protected]

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