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Employers interested in posting their job openings on the LEDA Virtual job fair (at no cost) can send job description, qualifications, and application method to LEDA's Director of Workforce Development by email.

In addition to posting your vacancies on LEDA's website, positions are also distributed to a network of workforce centers and educational institutions as appropriate.

Position: Inside Sales Manager

Sometimes Promoting, Sometimes Recruiting. Always Orange.

About Aggreko plc:
Around the world, people, businesses and countries are striving for a better future. A future that needs power and the right conditions to succeed. That’s why at Aggreko, we work ‘round the clock, making sure our customers get the electricity, heating and cooling they need, whenever they need it – all powered by our trademark passion, unrivalled international experience and local knowledge. From urban development to unique commercial projects and even humanitarian emergencies, we bring our expertise and equipment to any location, from the world’s busiest cities to some of the most remote places on earth. Every project is different, so we listen first and design a system supported by our service anywhere, to any scale. Transforming the lives and livelihoods of individuals, organizations and communities across the globe.

About us:
We’re the people who use our big boxes to make a massive difference. We believe in the positive impact of power and the ability to control temperature. We believe what we do opens up opportunity and creates potential for individuals, communities, industries and societies over the world. We believe when we work together we can do anything. We believe in the power of our team. We’re the people who keep the lights on. And we recruit the best talent, too.

Our four values help us get even better at what we do. It’s the Aggreko way of working – we call it Always Orange. Always Orange means:

Being dynamic: We’re nimble and are always ready to react to an ever-changing world.
Being expert: We know our stuff, we’re great under pressure and we thrive in our busy, fast-paced, deadline-driven environment. We use our experience to make a difference. We know how to challenge and we have the courage of our convictions.
Being together: We play for Team Aggreko and value the expertise of everyone around us. We’re accountable and we hold others to account.
Being innovative: We never miss an opportunity to learn, to look out, or to be better.

About this Job:
We are seeking a highly motivated Inside Sales Manager in New Iberia, LA. The Inside Sales Manager role is responsible for the line management and employee life cycle of the Inside Sales Team. They are responsible for maintaining the inside sales team at an optimal level to ensure they drive the best possible customer experience and are a key facilitator to the success of the overall sales strategy.

Sound like you? Here’s what you’ll need to demonstrate:
• Courage and Conviction: Courage and conviction is the ability to create a sense of excitement about taking on new challenges and a belief in your capability to deliver results. It includes speaking up for what an individual believes to be in the best interests of the business. At the higher levels it involves taking on extremely challenging and personally risky accountabilities confidently and willingly. It is an extremely important behavior where a business requires change and where individuals need to have the confidence to work outside their established areas of comfort.
• Relentless Preparation: Individuals recognize the need to prepare thoroughly for all important management decisions and processes demonstrate this behavior. They think things through, decide what is needed and then prepare and practice. Although they are confident they recognize the need to reduce the risk of poor outcomes by ensuring that their inputs are at a high standard. They do not assume that because they had been successful in one situation that they will be successful on a similar occasion.
• Drive for Results: Drive for results is a deep-seated inner desire to compete against standards of excellence and achieve ‘step changes’ in business results. It covers the desire to strive for constant improvement and to continuously redefine what can be achieved both in the market place and with the resources that are available to the individual. Outstanding performers focus their energy on achieving objectives, which support the long-term success of the business. They do this in a way that demonstrates maturity and self-control
• Holding People Accountable: This is about the ability to give clear and unambiguous direction to individuals and teams about what they need to do to meet the organization’s objectives. It includes holding people to account for the performance they deliver and confronting individuals openly and directly about shortfalls in performance. It covers the ability to take action to resolve performance issues both in a development and a management action sense. The people with this behavior achieve high levels of performance by showing people what good performance looks like, by removing the barriers to performance and then managing to that level of expectation. They do not accept drift.
• Building Capability: Building Capability is about an inner desire to work to develop individuals and groups in order to increase the capability of the whole organization. It goes beyond formal training and includes a range of coaching and other activities that help both individuals and teams to raise their performance level. At the higher level it focuses on the long-term development of individuals and seeks to meet future needs. It is a key management behavior as individual growth needs to increase at the same rate as the growth targets of the business.
• Compelling Communication: This is the ability to recognize that clear communication is the key to understanding. At the basic level it is about communicating single issues clearly and concisely. At the highest level it is about communicating vision and strategy. This behavior is about clarity rather than oratory. It is about the ability to decide how to position communication and to communicate in language that people will understand.
• Leading Others: Leading others is about the ability to create a compelling vision of the future and to provide inspiration, clarity and direction. Outstanding leaders measure their own success through the success of others; through their ability to create a sense of direction and purpose and then to organize and encourage them to achieve it. They understand themselves and are in control of their own emotions.



The people you’ll work with:
We’re Together. In this role, you will have the opportunity to directly contribute to the success of your colleagues and interact with the wider Aggreko team.

Desired Skills:
We’re Experts. You’ll have the following experience:
• Bachelor’s degree or equivalent relevant experience
• 10+ years of relevant work experience
• Successful experience in leading/managing a remote sales team including setting, measuring and tracking sales performance
• Sales Process Proficiency
• Proven track record of utilizing CRM skills
• Proven sector acumen required
• Product Awareness
• Proven track record of negotiation and closing
• PC literacy in a Microsoft environment
Other information you should know:

Physical Requirements:
The physical demands described here are representative of those that must be met by an employee to successfully perform the essential functions of this job. Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions. Frequent periods are spent sitting and standing in the same location. While performing the duties of this job, the employee may occasionally be required to move about or lift light objects (typically less than 15 lbs.)

Work Environment:
The employee may frequently be exposed to outside weather conditions. The work environment usually has a moderate to loud noise level. You may be asked or required to work after regular business hours including nights, weekends, and holidays.

This information should not be construed as the position’s exclusive standards. Performing other assigned duties is required. Reasonable accommodation may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform essential functions. Employees are responsible for knowing and following all company policies and procedures and Federal, State, and Local governmental regulations including Environmental Health and Safety requirements while working and representing Aggreko.

Compensation and Benefits
• Competitive compensation
• Company benefit plans (medical, dental, life, disability, vision)
• Paid leave (vacation, personal)
• 401K plan with company match

At Aggreko, we’re leading with confidence, bringing advanced rental energy solutions to the world, and providing you with pathways for success. If you are interested in joining our dynamic team, please submit your resume today.

Aggreko is an Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action Employer, Minorities/Women/Veterans/Disabled.

Application Requirements:
Please visit our website to apply:

Apply Online

Job Posted:
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